Rules of Saadi Foundation’s Electronic Services System
We appreciate you choosing Saadi Foundation!
Please read the rules related to the system carefully, before registration.

  1. Logging into Saadi Foundation’s Electronic Services System and using personal profile as well as purchasing products and courses and using the other services has the meaning of being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions made to clarify how to use services provided by Saadi Foundation.
  2. All the principles and procedures implemented by Saadi Foundation are in accordance with the the Law of Electronic Commerce and the Law of Consumer Protection and the user is required to comply with the relevant laws and regulations consequently.
    In case there are any changes in policies, procedures and services of Saadi Foundation later on, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site has the meaning of your acceptance of any changes.
  3. As the owner of the system, Saadi Foundation is committed to protecting the users’ privacy to the extent of its ability and in this regard, it makes use of the technology needed for the safe use of the learners.
  4. Saadi Foundation respects and protects the private information of the participants who use the educational services of the system. All information received from participants including first and last name, national code or passport number and etc. is only used to provide educational services and to issue certificates for them; thus, no additional information will be demanded.
  5. User is supposed to maintain his password himself; therefore, in order to prevent any possible misuse, he should not disclose his private information to any other person.
  6. In case of using any of the services provided by Saadi Foundation, users are assumed responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords and the responsibility for all the activities being done upon logging into the site through the user’s account or password is with them.
  7. Any information you submit to the system, must be genuine and specifically relevant to you. Thus, using pseudo or false/faked information is prohibited and you are assumed responsible for the accuracy of such information.
  8. The email address and the other contact information that you add for your personal profile are considered as the only official email address and contact information you have confirmed as yours and all contacts and correspondence from Saadi Foundation with you will be done via them.
  9. Saadi Foundation reserves the right to copy and publish all contents belonging to this system, under the Law of Copyright; so any of the content or technical structure of the courses should not be used or copied anywhere else without the official permission of Saadi Foundation.
  10. All content available within any of Saadi Foundation’s services such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, image videos, either downloadable or copyable items and any other content produced by Saadi Foundation is part of its property. Saadi Foundation reserves the right to use and publish all existing and available materials and any use without obtaining written permission, reserves the right to prosecute for Saadi Foundation.
  11. The only official reference approved by us to communicate with you is the official site of Saadi Foundation through its address as: We do not contact you by no means other than sending letters through the official and approved addresses on the site or the official contact numbers belonging to Saadi Foundation.
  12. The purpose of creating a comments section on our Electronic Services System is to make the opportunity of sharing the experience of one’s purchasing and making use of the products and courses that are held with the others. The comments section of Saadi Foundation is different from the other sites’ and social networks’. In this section, users are allowed to share their opinions with the others, within the terms and conditions of the site and after the approval of the experts they will be shown on the site. Thus, those comments that are not approved as following the rules of the site, will not be displayed without doubt. Saadi Foundation has no responsibility for the accuracy, inaccuracy or what the opinions published in this section contain. Displaying user’s comments on the site does not imply the approval of Saadi Foundation on what the comments consist of.